What is Tarot? With Psychic TV Australia

What is Tarot?

What is Tarot: The System

Tarot is comprised of a deck of 78 cards. Each card shares symbology and snapshots of everyday life, both spiritually and physically. The 78 cards are made up of 22 major arcana that represent life’s lessons, and the bigger archetypal themes. The 22 major arcana connect with our spiritual self and represent our souls journey through life from birth. There are then 56 Minor Arcana cards, and these respond to the undertakings of daily life. The minor arcana often shows us the events of temporary or minor influence. From there, 16 Court Cards showing 16 personalities. Lastly, the Minor Arcana, 40 numbered cards 1-10, are sorted into 4 suits: Cups, Swords, Pentacles, Wands. These suits further relate to the different elements and energies we encounter in every day life.

What is Tarot: The History

Origins of the Tarot is argued throughout history. What is known is that the Tarot derived from an italian word, Tarocchi. Tarocchi, a card game played in the 1400s was then later adapted to the french word, Tarot in the 1500s. Over time these cards became a solid tool of divination across much of Europe and the modiality has exploded since that time.

What is Tarot: Why Use It?

Tarot, being such a large system of cards, may seem daunting to some. We get it, it’s a lot of cards! However, the Tarot can absolutely be a system that is learned and migrated with other psychic abilities to strengthen a persons awareness. The Tarot is used in many unique and individual ways. And yes, while it is a system that has applied meaning and reference to it, it’s not a system that is limited in how it can be personally used.
For many, the Tarot is a wonderful tool that can help us tap into our subconcious. For others, it’s a tool that can add depth and deeper insight into that knowing.

What is Tarot: What is the Benefit of a Tarot Reading?

There are many benefits to a Tarot reading. And you may have received many Tarot readings in the past without knowing it. As not all readers explain the depths of each cards meaning during a reading. Some definitely do, but there are those that will take impressions from the cards.
A Tarot reading is much like any reading. It allows us to broaden our horizons, seek understanding over difficult situations or struggles. We face trials and tribulations every day within this life and our experiences need never be restrictive to our future. A Tarot reading can ensure that you’re walking your best path, making decisions that are well grounded and understood. As well as strengthening our bonds throughout each day.

Let the energy of today lead with positive planning, so that tomorrow might shine just that little bit brighter.

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