Transits for April 2022: Astrology Guide

Transits for April 2022

April 1st New Moon in Aries

Reflection over ones personal identity. Who you are and where you fit within your current reality? Feeling called to take fresh-steps towards newer beginnings.

April 5th Venus enters Pisces

It’s all about love and an abundance of it, as Venus enters its most loved sign Pisces. 

You may find yourself during this transit, feeling more sensitive, more creative, more positive when it comes to love. This energy transitions also into your romantic lives too, giving you that cosmic energetic puch towards all things lovely and heart-felt.

April 10th Mercury enters Taurus

This shifts things a little more inwards. Mercury is the planet of communication and Taurus is often a little more reserved. Dealing heavily with the throat chakra, communications both inwardly and outwardly may be of heavier focus. Taurus is also the bull, often surging with emotion or bursts of reaction if things have been left too long unsaid. Be mindful of how words and language are effecting you during this time to ensure no sudden outbirsts of your own. 

April 14th Mars enters Pisces

What are you enjoying most in your life right now? 

You may feel more motivated to follow the tasks best aligned with your spiritual, creative and emotional drives. Energy levels may be a little up-and-down during this transit, so take rest and action when motivated to do so.

April 16th Full Moon in Libra

Heightened desires for harmony and balance. You take pleasure in your surroundings, what you see and how you present yourself. A wanting to remain fluid in difficult or tense situations.

April 19th Sun enters Taurus

Ensuring our roots are set, our foundations are secure and we’re determined to see our goals through. Key themes, patience, stubborness, and stability. 

April 20th Juno enters Pisces

Finding balance within partnerships and areas of love. You may need to be more open to comprimise, as will others, during this transit. Being open to the fairness of things and compromising to ensure a desired and happy outcome for all involved. Emotions and situations rise to the surface at this time so we can see them and make needed adjustments.

April 29th Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Trust your emotional triggers will be raised to the surface, as old wounds reopen. This may be confronting for some, as past putaways become relevant once again. Listen to yourself & be aware, as your emotions shift between hot & cold.

April 30th Pallas enters Taurus

If areas of your life are confused and disorderly, then Pallas in Taurus may just be what is needed to shed light and shift circumstances. Pallas brings forward change, and Taurus is stable and respectful of stability. So, any missaligned illusions may become clearer during this time to allow for much-needed change.

April 30th New Moon P/Solar eclipse in Taurus

It may be time for a little much deserved R&R. Your soul may begin calling out for some rest, self care and TLC. Know when it’s time to go full throttle and when it’s time to pause and time out.

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