The Pleiades Portal – May 17-22

The Pleiades Portal is happening from May 17-22 when the Sun aligns with the Pleiades, open a high frequency portal energy that many will experience.

This constellation rests between the Taurus & Gemini zodiac. Every year when the sun circles this part of the zodiac, we become exposed to this high energy portal.

This allows for a much easier connection with this energy.

What is The Pleiades?

The Pleiades, or seven sisters, are a cluster of stars that can be seen shining bright in the night sky.

There is much myth and legend surrounding this section of the galaxy, and it is said that the Pleiades are home to advanced energies spreading love and immense light.

The Pleiades Portal

From May 17-22, galactic energies are merges with our sun and beamed down to earth.

The Sun, representing our core, the core of who we are, means that we can receive this energy right to the core of our being.

On May 20-21st, the brightest star in the Pleiades, Alcyone, and our sun will align. This will be where the portal reaches its full peak.

With the Sun on this day being squared with Jupiter [the planet of expansion and abundance] this will further heighten these energies. Making this a possibly wonderful time for manifestation and positive energy rising across the globe.

Channelled Pleiadean Message:

“The Earth, your planet is ever growing and ever changing. With this portal an abundant surge of positive energy will align with all who choose to accept it. Welcoming in revitalised growth and prosperity in many areas and individual experiences. The Pleiadean’s encourage you to seek out where to best dispel this energy, for your highest and greatest benefit. The earth until today has seen many changes, some good and some in great need of aid and encouragement. There have been many shifts in consciousness that align with the best intentions for your planet. A planet that is cherished by its inhabitants, and those that witness and engage from afar. 

During this portal, take a moment to bask in the abundant splendour that is already present on the surface and within this great planet. Your home is filled with beautiful, to be cherished, life. From your own, to all life beyond, a true marvel to be sure. The earth is healing, growing, expanding, as you too are growing and expanding. 

Embrace the energy with an open heart and pure love. Knowing that this energy combines with the already present expansion of life.”


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