The Cleansing benefits of Rainwater

The Cleansing benefits of Rainwater

Mother nature has afforded us the most beautiful, calming, tranquil of elements. Water allows us to cleanse, to release, to absorb, to wash, and provides us with so many benefits. Water can be used to cleanse your aura, reset your energy, & wash away negative energy.

Cleansing Spaces

Cleansing our spaces with water is not a new practice. We wash our homes as we wash ourselves, using water to remove the old & tarnished with new, clear and clean. Water can be used in similar ways with ourselves and our energy.

Place water in the sun for a short time before drinking to absorb awakened and revitalised energy. For non-coffee drinkers, this is a wonderful morning ritual you can do daily to start the day off positively.

Cleansing Aura

When showering or bathing, water running over will work to reset your aura anew. Leaving behind anything unwanted that you don’t wish to take on with you.

The next time there’s a rain shower take yourself outside, close your eyes & allow the rain water to wash away all the negative energy of the day.

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