Taurus New Moon Tarot Spread

New Moon Taurus Tarot Spread

Connect with the energies of the recent New Moon in Taurus with this Spread.

Take a few moments to set the space. Allow yourself to be relaxed & calm.

Perhaps turn on some gentle music and practice some breathwork.

Get yourself into a calm and open space for intuitive psychic connection and guidance.

  • Shuffle your deck of choice.

You may choose to use Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, whatever is most resonating for yourself.

  • Think and meditate a moment on each of the questions you’re going to ask.

You may like to do this for each card and pull after you have asked your question. Whatever works for you is best.

  • Place each card facing down in line with each question and position.

Give yourself a moment. Remain calm and focused on maintaining a relaxed state of awareness.

  • Flip each card individually.

Return to each question as you face over each next card.

  • Connect with the messages from the card and align them with the questions being asked.

From here you may wish to pull some additional cards, or journal your feelings, thoughts and insights from the cards.

Take your time and return to the spread whenever you need.

Taurus New Moon Tarot Spread

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