Spring is here in Virgo Season; A time for Growth

Spring is here in Virgo Season; A time for Growth

Energetic Influences: Confidence, charisma, solar power, growth, high energy, power, finances.

Element: Earth

Season: Spring

Birthstone: Sapphire

Number: 7 & 9

Planet: Mercury – Mind & Intellect

Spring in Virgo

Spring is here officially as of today in the southern hemisphere. Energy is shifting more outwardly as me move away from the cooler months where we’re more energetically bound to self.

Spring welcomes fresh energy and perspectives in Virgo, as our ego too moves into a place of more outward focus.

For Virgo, this is a month of celebration and feelings of rebirth and new are shared with the collective.

Spring Energy

The sun is in Virgo until September 22nd, when it will shift over into Libra. Mars is present until Sep 14, leaving us feeling charismatic and confident. A great time for a make-over or trying new things with our physical and external expressions.

The September 6/7 Virgo new moon brings in a lot of change, as Uranus comes along for the ride. Manifestations should be BIG and out of the ‘ordinary’ this month.

A lot of the seasons energy this month will be focused upon the self and our own intentions. However, the Pisces Full Moon on September 20/21 heightens that plus-one energy. So a shift from self and onto possible new relationships & our already manifested connections.

Spring/September Focus

Have your external plans laid out between now and the shift to Libra season on the 22nd of Sep. The change in Astro energy will have those plans in the earlier part of September, needing to be hashed out and concreted, as Libra presents a more grounded and focused energy.

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