Shift Our Energy

We often read, understand, accept that the only way to get out of the situations we’re in that are less desirable, is to shift our energy.

How often have you either been told or read that you must “raise your vibration” in order to experience life balancing shifts that will progress you forwards into the life you wish and desire to live? I can wager at least once.

For some, the understanding of how to enact necessary change in life in order to activate these life shifts, is something that is within their natural awareness. When they’re finding themselves stuck in the narrow cyclical time loop, or worse, the linear time transition, they have the awareness to take action and make the changes needed to transition to a more open and responsive energetic timeline.

But, how do they do it? How do we, shift our energy?

The key question. We as a human species are the only known species to always question “why?” or how. It’s our nature to want to adapt, to grow, to seek and to know. So, it’s only natural for these questions to appear when we feel trapped or restricted, or simply when we’re unable to see a means for a way forward on our own.

What’s key to understand is that life isn’t designed to be overly complicated.  Our purpose may be seen as more dynamic, more superior to that of another; although, in seriousness, that is simply the ego mind complexity.

Ones life purpose may be in the acceptance of self-love, or in the healing of sick children, in the caring of the elderly so they may transition this life with care and support. There is rarely a grand exertion that dominates the importance of ones life purpose over another.

The concept revels in simplicity. Why? Well who said life needed to be, or is, complex?  Is it not the simple things in life that leave our souls the most fulfilled?

The humble kindness of a stranger, the care and affection of family, the laughter shared with a friend? Do these things not fill our souls with pure and spiritual joy?



Taking these principles back to the working of our vibration to activate shifts, to then transition change and reduce the same energetic cycles from repeating themselves again and again. And, the how of this isn’t overly complicated, it doesn’t have to involve hours of meditation or handfuls of kale to activate your heart chakra [unless, of course you want it to].

But it does start with you.

Change is something that only we, as human species, can drawn in for ourselves.

It may be seen by some that change flows in around us, as the choices are made by those around us we must adapt with them as they arise. And, to some extent, yes.  However, these shifts in our direct consciousness that have direct cause and effect over our personal lives and the ability to see change propel and cycle forwards, those shifts come from ourselves.

The how comes in, the how to “shift our energy” comes in, with awareness, acceptance and action.


The awareness for desire to change, to stop peddling around and around in circles. The awareness and desire for activation of the shift; the next direction and progress in your life. In order to even see positive change activated, you have to be aware of the desire and want for it. The next…


It’s one thing to be aware of the desire to transition, it’s another to accept the desire. How often do we wish to change our jobs, walk away from something, or someone we dislike and see if the grass truly is greener on the other side? Sure, we may be aware of these desires, but how often then are they washed away in the flood of our daily passing thoughts and intuitive nudges? How often do those nudges become accepted ideas that can be worked and transmuted into something much more psychical that thought?


This is the psychical step.

Handing in the resignation, setting the boundary, walking away, buying the ticket, joining the club, accepting the invitation. We hear it all the time, the change we wish to see in our lives begins and ends with ourselves. The actions or steps we choose to take in the activation of our life’s desires. There is nothing holding you back from achieving your hearts desires. Nothing. The universe, your guides, your souls supporters, will always aid you in finding the way through. But they cannot help until you activate the shift. Shift your energy into the life you choose to live, by taking the action necessary to shift your vibration.

Where are you feeling stuck? Do you keep finding yourself in the same cycles? Similar life events appearing time and time again, still stuck in negative energy of competition, lack, defeat, resistance, woe, jealousy? What steps will you take in shifting this energy?

If you’re feeling stuck and confused about where your desire for change may reside, then our team of psychics are here to help you work through these energetic life challenges. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.



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