Saturn Retrograde until October 10th

Saturn is going retrograde from now until October 10th, in the sign of Aquarius.

While some will remember the energy of last years Saturn Retrograde, others may have blocked this time from their recollect.

A planet of authority, rules, discipline, that carries a strict and stern energy. Saturn presents us with the tools to reflect and make adjusted choices that align with our desires. All the while accepting nothing than what is in our individual best interests.

While direct, Saturn helps us to start on track and remain focused on all the tasks, challenges and new directions that come our way.

While retrograde, we are asked to set clear boundaries and maintain stable ground.

Do not give in to doing what is in aid of others, if it truly means giving up on yourself or your best. Saturn will be thrusting us forward, testing us to see how we manage with the ‘new-normal’ that have and will present during this period.

Some key themes during this Saturn retrograde:

  • Career opportunities shifting.
  • Doors closing on areas where we have been pensive or indirect with our focus.
  • Focus on boundaries
  • Not giving in to the desires of others

Boundaries are important during this Saturn retrograde, in order to establish direction and focus. Where areas in our lives become hazed, clouded, there is good chance for change that shifts you into new directions.

What to anticipate and be aware of this Saturn Retrograde:

If you don’t wish to see changes taking place in certain areas of your life, then now is time to assert yourself and the boundaries you have in place.

What to do if faced with situations that go against your desires during this Saturn retrograde:

Revert your attention back to yourself and why you have these desires to begin with. Sometimes it may be that you’re being called to refine them, other times you will know when it’s time to stand true in why you have these ideals firm and in place.

Where there is room for compromise, form it on your terms.

What to embrace:

Any situations that come out of no where and seem to thrust you in any unplanned and new directions.

The transfer of one direction to another may seem direct, hasty, perhaps even hostile. However, where you land holds great new power and positivity towards your future.

Adjust and realign wherever you need to.

Remember, these transitions are often arrived at times when they’re needed, but also when unexpected. Go forward with a clearer mindset and understanding, that any changes upcoming have real potential to allow you to grow for the better.

Know that this retrograde may rouse dormant rivals, or surface those that have been dishonest or disloyal in your praise.

Do not take everything at face value, rather, run those background checks and question anything you sense may not be in your best good.

Embrace the changes that will flow to you, as there will be many positives to surface during these coming months.

Happy Retrograde!

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