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I am available most weekdays and weeknights, and some weekends.

About Rhonda Kelly


  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Counsellor
  • Medium
  • Psychic


  • English


  • Angel Cards
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Oracle Cards
  • Pendulum


  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Destiny/Life Path
  • Lost Objects
  • Lost People/Pets
  • Love/Relationships
  • Past Lives
  • Pets/Animals

Star Sign:

  • Sagittarius 


Rhonda’s Readings assist you to be the best version of you!

Rhonda is an experienced reader, as seen on Psychic TV since 2016. Founder of Ocean Wings psychic fairs, and a regular at Spiritual fairs and events in Australia, NZ and Malaysia. As seen on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Also featured on radio and in magazines. Rhonda tunes into your energy, whether in person, on platform, email, photo or by phone.

Rhonda has had a ‘knowing’ since childhood. Her connection to spirit has given her peace of mind during her own hardships in life. Rhonda has a broad education and has travelled extensively around Australia and the world. You can expect a non-judgemental reading with Rhonda.

Rhonda’s readings are honest and direct, and they can also be fun. Her aim is to empower you to trust your intuition and take control of your situation. With clairsentience, Rhonda can tune into the energy of a person that you have conflict with, to give you guidance to resolve that situation. Rhonda is a medical intuitive and can interpret dreams and help resolve sleep problems.

Psychic readings cover the past, present or future. Ask for a general reading, or to focus on specific areas of your life. Rhonda likes to provide clarity, direction and guidance to empower you. This may cover work, study, career, family, home, gender/identity, financial or relationship issues. Remote viewing assists to find lost objects or pets. Past lives and soul purpose can also be a part of your reading. Rhonda can also read jewellery, photos, orbs and tea/coffee cups (tasseography). As a Spiritual Educator, Rhonda can help connect you to your guides and assist in your psychic journey.

Mediumship readings involve connecting with the other side, using clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairolfaction and clairgustance. She often brings through pets. She validates the passing by acknowledging the pain or illness experienced or the way the person passed. Personality traits and specific messages are also brought through.

Email reading are available through Psychic TV. Rhonda looks forward to speaking to you!


Pay By Card - from $5.00 per minute.

AUS:(02) 90710199


  • Rhonda is highly intuitive and was totally on point on her reading using all her five senses! She helped me solve a problem that I was looking for years. One of the best psychics I’ve seen so far!

Stephanie Hermawan
  • I needed guidance about my relationship, or rather which one to pursue. I continued with my current new interest and decided against my ex. Rhonda described their personalities to a letter T. Amazing! Most importantly I have been working on loving myself and putting myself first, as Rhonda advised. I would like to not continue dysfunctional patterns by putting myself first. I now think about things from the perspective of my souls life journey and what I learn from people who come into my life. Something I would not have understood without Rhonda’s words of wisdom and guidance.

  • Rhonda Kelly is OUTSTANDING. I’ve spoken to her twice about two very different issues and both times she has been accurate and offered SUCH valuable info and guidance. Rhonda needs no info from you and as soon as you start to talk she is unstoppable. Both her readings have literally changed my life with no exaggeration whatsoever! I would never hesitate to recommend her to absolutely anyone. Thank you with all my heart Rhonda xx

Marina Arcadi
  • Hi Rhonda, it was awesome to meet you at the Starlight Festival and I just wanted to share with you that you said I attract unusual animals, especially near the beach and yesterday at the beach I saw my first ever puffer fish!! it was really cool! I’m keen to tune in to your next live stream too 👌

    Thank you again for your insightful reading I have been following your advice and feeling good Xox

  • Thanks for reading me. As usual you’re spot on. I am de-cluttering and the guy I sort of like is in the friends zone. Thanks

  • Hi my name is Ben Graham. I first meet Rhonda five years ago, sharing platform together.  It was an honour to work next to someone with integrity and honesty. Then I had the opportunity to work on psychic TV with Rhonda and to see the connections Rhonda had with the spiritual world was beautiful she is a true spiritual medium.

Ben Graham
  • Lesley and Rhonda were a big hit at the BMS Festival! Their psychic readings were spot on!

Siobhan Coulter
  • Thank you Rhonda for your reading. Very accurate. I did have medical issues for over 2 years that was recently solved and my brother and I are going to Brisbane next April to catch up with family and friends. I have some British friends, would be great to see them again. I don’t get pain exactly but rather quite persistent ringing in my ears, which reminds me of the old ‘party lines’ they used to have in rural areas lol So thank you again and love and blessings xx

Laurel Gayle
  • So. Not too long ago I had a beautiful session with a gorgeous person who is a deeply amazing medium, at the Body Mind Soul Festival in Malaysia, Rhonda Kelly.

    It was so special to not only know my mum was there (she pops up strong a the moment we think of her) but to receive really intimate messages no-one could know, delivered exactly as my mum would speak to me.

    Of all the messages that day though, that she holds my hand whenever I am nervous and especially just before I get on stage, could only be upstaged by her disapproval of a certain nail colour, which I happened to be wearing that day.

    I often feel a sensation in my left palm, and now I know exactly why.

Anita G Kapoor
  • I gave Rhonda 5 stars because there aren’t 100 to give. I have been on a spiritual journey for decades and in the process have seen many psychics-so its with great conviction and confidence I say she is the real deal. Her accuracy is off the charts. Furthermore she is warm, open minded, respectful, and hugely intelligent.

    She needed no information from me and upon beginning the session just took flight with the most valuable and precise reading I have ever experienced. My experience with Rhonda has made me go from sleepless nights and anxiety filled days to calm and confidence. No fluff, no ambiguity, no generic input from Rhonda-just precises and invaluable information. I would not hesitate to recommend her to absolutely anyone. Many thanks and much gratitude again Rhonda.

  • I can validate Rhonda’s accuracy from my reading 6 months ago, regarding my relationship and people interfering in it. She has helped me simplify my life and I am much happier now. She also connected with mum in spirit and was spot on, so it was definitely her.

  • I have grown up around psychics/mediums my whole life, so you will be surprised to know that i had never found a reader that made me a true believer ….until i met Rhonda.

    Rhonda flawed me with her accuracy & her ability to tune in to my life and the people in it with no prior knowledge.

    Hand on heart, Rhonda is the real deal.

    Whatever your beliefs or your prior experience with readings, i can guarantee you that Rhonda will secure your faith & trust in this very  rare gift.

    My search is over & i know that once you experience her gift for yourself, yours will be too.

    Put simply, incredible!

  • Rhonda helped me with the issue I have with my parents. I took her advice and now feel better about things. I take a breath before I react now. I am getting counselling about my anger problem. I’m considering my options after school now and that will be better when I am calmer and not drinking.

  • I saw Rhonda at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Brisbane. I had never had a reading of any kind before, other than those given by myself. I had recently had a friend who had come to me with a message, that had made me feel crazy. I’ll call him James. I was hearing his voice in my head and he was gone and it was overwhelming. I told a girlfriend as I went for my reading “I just need somebody to tell me I’m not crazy” – Rhonda picked up on my clairaudiance instantly, and used those exact words at the end of my reading. “You just need someone to tell you you’re not crazy” – she helped me to understand what I had experienced, as sitting in front of me I watched her have the same experience with James. He came to her in the same way he had come to me. Which made it so real. Rhonda confirmed the message he held and questioned me about a friend who I had fallen out with (which happened to be James’ girlfriend of 5 years) – Rhonda knew everything about her, down to her unique health issues. Since my reading with Rhonda I sought out my friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years, and I bombarded her with all of this, having no idea how she would react. I explained everything and I watched her cry as she listened to me. She opened up because she too had been hearing his voice and felt like she was going crazy. We re bonded over our experiences with James and are closer than ever. Unfortunately due to where I live I haven’t been able to see Rhonda again since, but I have received a reading through Facebook which also hit the nail on the head. Rhonda has a gift and uses it to help people which is so incredibly special. Rhonda changed my life, in a world where society doesn’t always accept spirituality, having this confirmation gave me a huge level of confidence in myself, my spirituality and beliefs. I lost my dad a couple of months ago. Knowing that he is there in spirit provides more comfort than anything. I plan on doing some training with Rhonda to learn more about using and interpreting this gift, she is truly and angel and anyone who crosses her path is incredibly lucky ❤️

  • It was good to get some clarity after a difficult relationship and put a positive spin on things. It is time for me now! I went travelling to gather my thoughts and am now studying a different path. One I was never brave enough to do before. Thanks Rhonda!

  • Rhonda Kelly I would like to firstly thank you for my reading last night on PTV Australia. I was the lucky last for the evening and blessed to receive the message you had for me. It was my granma coming through and yes I do have a unique way of looking at life, patterns and light language specifically. Spot on and I am so blessed to have been able to connect with you and also my granma. She continues to be my best friend and my strength. I appreciate this reading more than you know. This reading went straight to the heart. Lastly, I would like to thank you for inviting me to join your Facebook group ‘Rhonda’s Readings & Rocks’. Many blessings coming your way.
    Rhonda, thank you.

  • When I asked Rhonda Kelly about a certain person, what she told me was confirmed by myself and reconfirmed by Rhonda. She also confirmed a romantic situation for me, describing the other person and when they would contact me.

  • I was lucky enough to receive two readings from Rhonda during her live online readings on Facebook. My first time I was looking for tips for a job interview I had coming up. The second was if I would get the job. Rhonda’s readings were spot on for both with the advice I received through her from the other side. My interview advice was so good I got the promotion a few weeks later just as Rhonda had seen. I’m looking forward to getting a full reading with Rhonda very soon. Thank you Rhonda!

  • Rhonda is amazing! Her insights were incredibly accurate and provided much-needed clarity.

    She is compassionate and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend her for anyone seeking guidance and direction. Thank you, Rhonda!

  • I never believed 100% in psychic mediums. I always had my doubts about them but Rhonda Kelly changed a lot of my thought on that. Through her readings, I was able to prepare well ahead for a business meeting. Rhonda predicted accurately the kind of people I would be dealing with and that gave me a foresight to the best decisions I could make concerning my business deal. She described a product in the transaction and some difficulties I would have in the execution of the transaction. What’s more astonishing is the fact that all this happened remotely from long distance, without being face to face. Apart from being awesomely beautiful inside and out, Rhonda really knows her work. has a rare ability and I can boldly say that she’s a true definition of a psychic medium. Way to go Rhonda Kelly!

  • Thank you so much. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I lost my dad a couple of months ago and my brother and I have lost our bond, you’ve confirmed I need to trust him. Thank you angel.

  • Rhonda came recommenced by a friend who saw her at the Brisbane MBS. I was  a little hesitant paying for a psychic reading but it was worth ever cent. She described personalities at work and home and strategies for resolving conflict. I called her again when I had another life decision to make. She doesn’t tell you what to do but rather gets you to think about your situation and reveals choices you didn’t even think you had. Looking at things from the motives of other people was a big eye opener for me. Thank you Rhonda!

  • Rhonda is an excellent teacher who has been helping me to develop my mediumship. She has challenged me to become better and helped me a lot with my mediumship.

  • Thank you so much. I’ll keep looking over this. I’ll also work on the spiritual growth. I will be in touch. Thanks again.

Con ​
  • I first met Rhonda at the Melbourne MBS in June 2019, after having readings with her on Psychic TV years before that. Rhonda has validated many things for me about my wife Christine in spirit and my sons. She has read photographs, jewellery and meteorites for me. She has also interpreted dreams for me and made sense of synchronicity in my life. More recently I have participated in her Live Readings on Facebook and YouTube. I am happy to call Rhonda a friend.

    I know when my wife visits me, I am fully aware of her every single time !!! Rhonda picked up that I hear odd noises when my wife communicates with me. Yes, I do wake and hear odd noises at particular times, and openly acknowledge Christine that I know it’s her. We do talk every day, often more the once. At night, she wakes me when my breathing becomes very shallow or stops.

    Christine has visited me in lucid dreams, on four occasions, since she passed in 2017. Each time she has come with a very specific message for me, and each time has preceded bad news for me personally, including the latest one which was on Saturday 15th of February this year. Of course it was just after Valentines’ Day, and the day before our sons’ 20th Birthday, but the bad news arrived in the mail on the following Thursday. It’s always a blessing to see her when she comes, I just know now to expect something afterwards that was enough for her to be concerned that she felt I needed her presence beforehand.

    An addition to synchronicity, which leads to a validation for you Rhonda. From a recent chat, with someone I just met, came a ‘penny drop’ moment. In it we were chatting about garlic & onions, and the different tastes & affects it can have afterwards. Well I love onions, but not garlic, but my wife in spirit loved both only she would burp a lot after eating onions so she avoided them as much as possible. Tick number one, of your validation Rhonda. When it dawned on me that this fact was mentioned in a reading you did for me on your live feed for Valentines’ Day, I then recalled that we had stayed in Benalla for a long weekend when my wife & I first started dating, also we had planned to stay in Benalla and take our boys to watch the V8 Supercars race at Winton for 2017, but my wife passed before we ever got to do it. That’s tick number two, of validation, for your reading.

    Naturally tick number three being Christine’s’ visit in my lucid dream, the day after my snapshot reading by you, in which you mentioned all of the above !!! Funny how the pieces of the puzzle fall into place at precisely the right time, just like you said Rhonda !!!

    It’s good for others to know the truth of your genuine connections to spirit and your accurate psychic ability & insight !!!

  • I have asked Rhonda for a personal reading when I was going through a lot and was really impressed with the results. She was spot on. She could see a lot and intuitively feel. She gave me a very accurate personal energy reading. It helps to have that kind of guidance especially if you’re going through difficult times when your energy is all over the place and you can’t see where a situation is leading you. I highly recommend Rhonda’s services!

  • Rhonda possesses an extraordinary gift, one that has proven invaluable to me during my most challenging moments. Her unmatched compassion, warmth, and unwavering accuracy have left me awestruck. After our conversations, I always depart with a renewed sense of inspiration, ready to forge ahead in the right direction. Rhonda, your contributions have been truly remarkable, and I extend my heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve done.

  • Thanks for reading me. You said Aunty Kerry did not play mainstream musical instruments. I remembered that she played the spoons. lol