Connection With Man’s Best Friend: Pet Readings

Pet readings, are they really a thing?

Well, yes, and in much the same way as any other kind of reading. A psychic or medium can connect with the energy of your living or passed pets and share messages.

While the energy remains the same, the connection and messages will often fluctuate between those forming the connection.

Animal connection is amazing and allows for so much insight into your family pets and furry loved ones. If there are any areas of confusion, or signs of worry, a reading can provide the answers.

For some, simply checking in with our pets is a great way to ensure their happiness too.

Animals will always provide unconditional love, and lead with love. No matter their breed, origin or primal instincts. It’s why we see so many beautifully inspired moments between humans and animals of all walks of life.

But have you ever asked your pet if they’re happy? Have you ever wondered how the animals you’ve seen at the zoo are feeling?

Well, many have, and there are also those who will pause to check-in and ask from time-to-time.

But what do you ask your pet? Rather, what do you ask your psychic or medium to translate in a reading?

Questions To Ask During Your Pet Reading

Below are some of the questions some of our resident psychics and mediums have experienced over the years. The answers can help you to make better informed choices with your pets. While also ensuring that their unconditional love is cherished and returned.

  • Why has my dog began to bark persistently?

Perhaps you have a pooch that has been barking since you can remember, or it’s becoming a habit more over time. Our dogs don’t always bark simply for the sake of it. It’s to get our attention, to communicate. Understanding the cause, or what they’re trying to say can be truly beneficial to you both, and your sanity.

  • How would my pet/s feel about introducing a new pet in our household?

What a great question! Understanding first the dynamic and needs of your pets when considering the expansion of family is amazing insight to have. Not every pet will want another fur-member, and introduction can sometimes lead to chaos.

In extreme cases, some pets may lead to needing to be separated. Having this understanding ahead of the game can help you to plan ahead and make the introduction run as smoothly as possible.

  • Is my horse ready to ride again after an injury or would it be better to wait?

This one branches out across others pets/animals too. Is my dog ready for walks again? Does my ferret need more warmth? 

Understanding our pets needs after injury/surgery can speed up their recovery and reduce further risks.

  • What does my pet feel about their upcoming surgery?

  • Why does my cat eliminate outside the litter box?

Perhaps the litter box is in the wrong position or it isn’t private enough? Pet guidance can sometimes lead to some truly simplistic solutions to common pet concerns/problems.

  • What can I do to help create better cooperation from my animal friend who is acting out?

  • Where is my lost animal?

  • How does my animal companion feel about upcoming changes in my life such as divorce, marriage or moving to a new location?

  • How is my deceased animal friend doing? Do they want to share anything with me?

  • Is my animal friend happy and satisfied with their life?

  • Is there anything my pet would like to tell me?

The possibilities are truly endless with what you can explore and uncover from  psychic/ & mediumship pet readings.

If you’re interested in pet readings with our psychics, you can see who is available now.

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