Oracle of the Day

Oracle of the Day:



xix. Expressions of bright light surround you. You get caught up in the swirls of colour and emotion flooding your being. This feels like happiness, but it looks different; you start noticing beauty in everything around you and Infinite Pathways for your future life. You feel the magic of the stars, the warmth of the sun and the illumination of the moon filling you up. It is now that you realise your recent tumultuous journey was only part of becoming a new being.


The oracle of the day message here today reminds us to reflect, and to be presently grateful for all that we are blessed to witness on this journey. Give yourself a moment throughout the day to take in your surroundings. Better yet, place yourself outdoors and breathe in the air as it wisps across your face. Allow your eyes to dance over the Earth before you.

Feel the warmth of the sun, or the crispness of the Autumn season. The foundation that rests below your feet, as you stand in wonder of all that is freely presented before you.

Take in all that you see, all that you feel. And allow this moment be what starts your day with gratitude.

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