October Planets Are Stationing Direct, what does it mean?

October Planets Are Stationing Direct, what does it mean?

Firstly, who’s stationing direct this month and when?

Pluto: Returned direct October 6th
Saturn: Returned direct October 10th
Jupiter: Returned direct October 18th
Mercury: Returned direct October 18th

Who’s still in retrograde?

Uranus: August 19th – January 18th [2022]
Chiron: July 15 – December 19th
Neptune: June 25th – December 1st

October Planets Direct

These planets returning direct bring with them an influx of new energy and change. These are big intense cosmic shifts, with changes and new information riding their wave. This has been a long year of uncertainty and, for many, stagnicity. These planets shifting their energy will allow you to start seeing areas within your life take on new meaning and directions.


With Pluto in Capricorn sounding the alarm & already ahead of the race, you may already be seeing results. Pluto ruling over control, power & the misuse of it, bringing information out into the open during its retrograde phase. Now direct looks to shine further light on what may have been previously hidden.


Saturn rules our government, laws, restrictions; with many of us knowing all too well of these. During Saturn’s RX many were forced to see what old systems are no longer working & felt called to push against them. Now direct we can see a clearer future, which will also result in a need to make clearer choices in the future. So to not see old systems return.


Jupiter will now have us reflecting over all that took place throughout the year thus far. What have we learned from our experiences? How have our beliefs changed? What are you planning on taking of those lessons and applying in your life moving forward?


Mercury leading many of its RX phases in air signs, brought with it a lot of mental clarity [sometimes confusion]. Asking us now where our perspective lay, what new realities have we formed?

The next Mercury Retrograde

The next Mercury will be in retrograde is in the New Year, 2022.

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