New Moon in Aries

Tonight’s New Moon in Aries, marks a time of passionate, impulsive, competitive, ambitious, and unstoppable energies.

A cardinal fire sign, Aries brings with it the energy of motivation to push through and get those tasks done.

Our intentions are achieved with a passion, ferocity, and excitement. This can bring with it powerful manifestations, as our doubts are dismantled with the strength and “go-getter” energy that Aries provides. Pair that with this being the first astrological new moon of the year. Further aiding us all with strength in new possibilities and directions.

The new moon is squared with Pluto, leading into, obsessiveness and blind ambition.

That may have you charging towards your goals in a way that leaves little regard for possible outcomes or consequences.

While this energy can be used to master the motivation that resides around this new moon, it also invites us to be cautious, aware and mindful of where we are heading.

Are you taking steps towards goals that are in your best interests? Or are they led with greed and a blind determination that may cause you destruction?

This may lead to further confusion, or cause you to become disorientated about what is in your best interests.

Yet, being mindful of the energy and pressing onwards with positive intentions and awareness could truly see you take leaps and bounds towards what are your truest desires during this phase.

A tarot Spread for the New Moon in Aries:

  1. What new possibilities may present over this next phase?
  2. What strengths are in aid of my success over this phase?
  3. How can I remain humble in my ambitions?
  4. Ways I best maintain emotional balance?
  5. How can I best work in alignment with this energy?

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