Mercury Direct June 22nd 2021: What?

Mercury Direct June 22nd 2021: What?

Have you felt the shift of energy from Mercury Retrograde now going direct? Perhaps you awoke to some good news, or simply woke with a pep-in-your step?

That’s not to say that retrograde takes that energy away from you, but that you’re possibly feeling a little lighter today.

Yes, energy has shifted with the now Mercury stationing direct from today. Marking the end of the second retrograde period of 2021. Ending in the sign of Gemini, with full shadowgrade completion set for July 7th. Meaning that there’s still some of this energy and repercussions to linger until that time. But, the thick of it is now passing.

Direct Communication

Communications now begin to ease and any important or serious communications, conversations, can take place with better ease.

You may find yourself with new perspective in relation to your relationships too.

Have you reflected upon the questions that arose during Mercury retrograde?

  • How is your life progressing?
  • Are you satisfied with your life?
  • Are you satisfied with where you are within your career/work?
  • Where is there room in your life for adjustment/change?
  • What do you truly desire?
  • How can you make changes to your plans in-order to bring about your dreams?

Reflection will help you better understand how you were able to move through this recent retrograde. Aligning with your growth and keeping your energy in a positive shift.

The next Mercury Retrograde

The final retrograde for Mercury in 2021 will begin September 27th and last until October 17th.

Use the time between these periods to gather your own directions and planning’s. Gaining direction until September 27th and locking in those personal tasks will have you ahead of the game when the next period returns.

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