LIVE Readings With Keira & Niki: Hosted by Harry T

Live Readings with Psychic TV Australia Facebook LIVE event: This week we have KEIRA EDWARDS [9146] & NIKI STEWART [9895].

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Let’s get to know our Psychics for this weeks Facebook LIVE a little better.

NIKI [9895]

Get to know:

Niki Stewart is a 4th generation Psychic Medium and healer who specialises in relationships, soulmates, career and higher destiny. Niki is a powerful spiritual healer. Niki is a master numerologist also.

keira edwards

KEIRA [9146]

Get to know:

Keira is an Indigenous Australian with an inherited deep connection to the spirit world. Coming from a long line of strong knowledgeable ancestors; communicating with the spirits and pulling strength from Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Keira has the ability to provide clarity, healing, cleansing and closure.
She is compassionate, understanding, warm and gentle.

Keira’s spiritual journey commenced before she entered the world through the role and responsibilities she upholds from her Aboriginal culture and family. Her experience from childhood includes communicating with the spirits and sharing messages to their loved ones which has continued to develop and increase as her connection gets deeper with guidance from spirits and her teachers.

Her passion and love for the spirit world and its messages provides her with the capacity to help people at the time they need it most.


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