Is it time for a career change?

Often part of the biggest struggles in overcoming changes in our job, work and careers, is knowing when it may be time move on. Resistance starts showing itself, as we find ourselves going against our inner intuition and guidance for when it’s time for a career change.

You may have already experienced this particular time in your life when the ability to get motivated for work becomes impossible! Getting out of bed is a chore and productivity becomes non-existent. The affect this has on your emotional wellbeing may become too much, as you are snappy and more irritated with general everyday tasks and happenings. That normally you’d give little energy or mind to.

It’s important to respond when these restrictions present themselves in our lives. They can manifest in different ways, over all manner of areas and times in our lives. Yet, when the resistance grows so strong that your conscious awareness becomes overwhelmed with negative reaction; then it is definitely time to take action.

Here are some signs that your job, work, career is no longer in alignment with your original hopes, goals and intentions & it may be time for that career change:

  • getting up to start the day is SO difficult
  • You’re angry before the day begins
  • You are constantly tired
  • You find yourself snappy and frustrated, even at the smallest thing
  • Motivation is non-existent
  • Your tasks and goals no longer align with your desires
  • There are more lows in your everyday than there are highs

Did you resonate with any of these points? Perhaps, it may be time for a career evaluation. Time to rethink your goals and forming ways to connect them with your professional life.

Making the change can seem like a large project, although it doesn’t need to be.

Why do this? Make the career change?

  • Because it will align your energy with your present desires
  • It will answer the call of your intuition and release what has been holding you back from professional progression
  • Making the change will give you hope for your professional future
  • You will realign with more positive energy, as you disconnect from what was causing your emotional toxicity

Moving forward becomes easier when you take the power and control back into your life.

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