Interview With Psychic TV Australia Psychic, Chantal

Psychic Chantal: Getting to know our Psychics on an individual level, allows you to connect with them and better understand their energy.

We at Psychic TV Australia believe that this allows you to make informed judgements when selecting the right Psychic for your call.

Today we’re getting to know Psychic Chantal.

  • How did you become aware of your Psychic abilities?

Well it’s hard to say, because ever since I was little I knew things before they happen and when they did happen it felt normal, I think I got a little anxious when they didn’t happen as I foreseen it in my head. As I got older I got more intuitive but I never in a million years thought that was call Psychic.

Now, when it really hit me and I understood it much clear, was when my Fiancée passed away 4 years ago 2017. All at ones it come to me like a giant hit that’s when I began to do a lot of soul searching read books and joined Spiritual church, development workshops to help me understand it more and work with it.

  • What has become a highlight of your lightwork and connecting with spirit?

It all has been an amazing journey. My highlight are when I connect  people with their loved ones in spirit by giving them evidential mediumship, describing the spirit that’s made connection, that can come in many forms such as I can smell if they smoked and character they had when living in their  physical form and they ( spirit ) take me on a past journey that only the person would understand as part of evidence and this is an amazing and emotional way of connecting this gives the person  clarity and peacefulness that their loved one’s ok.

  • When working with clients, what aspect of this process brings you the most joy?

The connection when they know who we are talking to, when they know that their loved one’s are still around  at peace and happy, specially when more then one (spirit )come around to lets them know their with other members of the family and they are all together, including pets, dogs, cats, horses, ducks, birds, chicken ect… I even had a fish come through … that’s was a funny one.

Just to see the person leaving with such a peaceful face and energy is such a blessing to all.

  • What is your personal method for opening to messages and/or spirit connection?

I let go of all my thought allowing spirit to come through and only those who are somehow connected to the person will connect, I work with love and light, so they are safe with me , I am  normally a relaxing person so this energy catches on to the person to whom I’m  about to do a reading for, I also introduce myself and give them information about how I work and a little back ground, by this time the person is feeling more relaxed, I give them the space to ask questions if they have anything to ask me just so that their minds are also clear and at ease.

  • What is your personal method for grounding, or closing out, after a client session?

I always thank spirt for coming today, so showing and giving acknowledge is so important and I tell the client the same to thank them for coming to visit you today. I them let go by cutting cords with me and sending them home with their loved ones. I personally ground myself by cleaning my chakras.

  • Have you always worked spiritually, or have you worked in other fields/careers?

I worked 18 yr as a palliative nurse in age care. In between I studied Counselling and Welfare,

So worked within the community as a case manager for a while, then got back to nursing, now back working as a Spiritual counsellor and natural psychic medium.

So always helping people, it only come natural  and not to forget a single mother of 4 amazing kids who are now all grown up now.

  • What is your idea of a perfect Saturday evening?

Just going out into nature, the beach, catching up with people I love family and friends, just relaxing and absorbing all the magical things of this amazing life

  • What is your one key piece of advice for anyone considering whether or not to have a professional psychic reading?

Follow your heart, listen to your call, trust and just let it happen, don’t over think it just allow for spirit to do their work.

  • Lastly, what is a favourite quote

“Your past is the strength that’s made you the person you are today, become tomorrow and the person of the future. Don’t become the victim be the survivor, Your past in your history that one day will help someone else.

“You are the author of your own book of knowledge, its now up to you how your next chapter beginning.” – Chantal Miranda

If you’re interested with connecting with Psychic Chantal or learning more about them, you can connect here: Chantal

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