How to know you’re using a reputable Psychic hotline?

How to know you’re using a reputable Psychic hotline? Read on for everything you should know and what to look for in making the best decision for your soul investments.

Recently, we shared a blog post with you on the ways you can assure yourself of an accurate psychic/tarot reading. But what about when that reading is through the channels of a Psychic call line? Do the methods change then? How do you actually know that the company you’re choosing to work with is one that has your best interests at hand?

Well, there’s a few different things that you can do prior to making the call. These will not only guarantee you are talking with someone that has the best intentions, your best intentions; but that you’re also going to benefit from the experience. Below are some signs and steps to work through before deciding to make the call.

DO YOUR RESEARCH into the psychic hotline / call line

Again, before you make any purchase in life, however bit or small, you automatically have a moment where you assess whether or not the purchase is either what you want, or is something that will bring in some benefit to you in the long-run. So, apply the same methods for discernment as you would when finding the right practitioner of any service you wish to employ. So, do your research with your psychic call line too.

Do they have alternative social media channels where they are available and actively sharing content that is relevant to their brand and purpose? Take a look over their website, they should have more information on there than simply their available psychic readers. Note their ‘about’ page, their information pages, do they provide a means to contact them outside of calling a psychic? Do they have a ‘privacy policy’, ‘terms and conditions’ and/or a ‘code of conduct?’ Take note of what is provided, and if none of this information is available for you, then use your discernment in whether or not to proceed.

COMPANY/BUSINESS MODEL what is the purpose of the psychic hotline?

You should be able to find out at the very least, a little on the brand, their business and their purpose. These usually fall under a “business model” or motto or company slogan. However, the website should also hold this information and further break down why the business is in operation.

What’s at the heart of their purpose for bringing psychics to an audience in this accessible way? What’s the ‘mission’ of the Psychic organisation? Read through these statements and you will understand a bit of their purpose, their intention. Each company should have this information available to their audience.

CONTACT can you contact the psychic hotline without prior need for payment?

Is there a way to make contact with the organisation/business/company behind the scenes? If the only option for making contact is through their psychic’s directly, then how do you ask questions? Ensure a means for contact so that you can have any questions answered if needed.

PSYCHIC INFORMATION what additional information does the psychic hotline / call line provide?

Is there a dedicated location on their website or service listing page that allows you, the potential client, to find out about all the psychics that are currently working under the umbrella of the site/service? As a psychic will get a feel for their clients energy, so too should the client have that opportunity to see the psychics on offer and make the advised choices on who is available and whom they may wish to work with.

COSTS INVOLVED is there full disclosure of costs?

You should always have a clear and upfront understanding of what costs are involved in the services offered. Costs should be easily seen, upfront and with no confusing information. If it’s too difficult to get a clear picture of what you will be charged for the service, then truly consider if this is a service for you. There should be NO hidden or underlying costs that you aren’t aware of prior to making your call.

TIME REMAINING what happens next?

Sometimes it can be that you will have your guidance received and still have time remaining on your service. That time is money and your company of choice may or may not return or leave allocation for the time still remaining. Most will, some do not. So, if this is important to you, then it’s best to ensure a clear understanding of this prior to choosing who to work with. If it’s unclear, then revert back to point 3 and reach out and ask.

A psychic call line is an amazing means for accessing reputable and well known spiritual practitioners directly and quickly. With so many available to you, it can be overwhelming to decide the best fit for you and who you wish to work with. So, with the above guidelines in your aid, you can go forward knowing that you’re taking the safest and most informed steps towards having a positive and rewarding experience.

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