How To Ensure An Accurate Reading

How to ensure an accurate reading is important, as it’s been showing up more and more with these scammers that seem to be coating a thin layer of misguidance across every current operating industry and sector at the moment.

We see their comments almost daily across social media posts, in business page reviews. Often stating that they are Dr Someone. and can cure all of our ailments, blinking magic into our existence quicker than any internal self growth ever will.

So, I wanted to share with you the best way to know you’re getting an accurate reading, as well as some signs to look for being choosing a psychic service provider.


This is honestly your number one bargaining point. Every reputable reader will have more than one social media avenue for connection with their audience. You will be able to find more information on them across more than just one platform. Be it their Facebook, Twitter, through google search, Instagram, TikTok, or their direct website. Furthermore, if you can’t, well it’s then on you how you progress. My advice, with very real caution.


If you have any doubts, concerns, queries, anything at all, you should be able to approach your spiritual worker with the intention of them clearly and professionally answering anything you need. In addition to that, you may even be able to find a FAQs section; frequently asked questions. These are often questions that the service provider, psychic, etc, are asked frequently enough that they have provided this information as a quick point of reference to those seeking out their services.

During this process, if you don’t feel you connect with the person, if they seem hurried or abrupt, or if you just don’t feel right about it, I’d suggest to keep looking.

Your service provider should be willing to help, because they want to. This is spiritual work after all, with many professionals holding the intention of helping as many as possible in the areas and abilities they specialise.


While it may be fun to go into a reading with your reader having no information what so ever and you being “wowed” with the accuracy, walking away from the reading you may find that is all you get to take away with you. The wow-factor. In reality, a reading is supposed to guide, not shock.

So, before hand, to ensure you receive the best reading possible, that you can refer back to and use the information within. It is advises to think carefully about your questions and send them off to your reader prior to your reading, or have them ready at the time.

Remember, asking a general question [simply stating “work” or “love”] will sometimes return you with a general response.

Spirit will only give you what you ask for or what you need to know, and sometimes that isn’t what you want to know. So, be specific and get yourself a very clear and well guided reading in the process.


This one somewhat falls into alignment with the above points made. In that, while some readers are very capable of knowing your desires before you sit with them, not every reader works that way. And, for those that do, some days connecting with the energy of the person receiving the reading, is more difficult than others. A persons energy can become closed off, or you may be having a stressful day.

Having no information before a reading, some times, can mean that the entire reading is spent on building that connection.

Assuming that because you have one reading with someone that works that way, and another with someone that doesn’t. Does not mean that the reader was “wrong”, but that you’ve assumed their reading style.

Now, with all of that said, prior to your reading, readers will often get in touch or have systems and questions in place that align with their personal abilities and style of connection. If you want to ensure an accurate reading, don’t skim over these questions and information.

Your reader will put this information to your spiritual team direct and then channel your direct messages in return.

No info may = general responses.


Just like your reader will have their own meditations and rituals to connect with before your reading, so should you. In that, you want to be calm and relaxed, as much as is possible, before your reading.

A calm energy is much easier to connect with, than that of an energy that is overly stimulated, heightened, frazzled. So, spend a few moments in quiet, drink some water, become aware that you’re going for a reading and begin focusing on the questions you have or have asked prior.


When sitting with your reader, unless they prefer to work alone, don’t go in with the mindset of not speaking, not sharing information. Again, your reader is not a mind reader and spirit knows your intentions. Spirit works and … “thinks” a lot differently to us, they don’t play games or be trivial.

If you sit down with the intention of “They’re psychic so I’m not saying anything and they can prove to me” well, spirit isn’t going to play that game and the barrier just makes the readers job a lot harder.

Your reader wants to provide you with all of the information they can, and sometimes that will involve asking questions.

You don’t have to elaborate, often a yes or no is enough, but be engaging.

If you’re open, spirit is open and your reader can better connect for you.


Sure, your reader is going to have a lot of answers for you, a lot of information that can guide you along in your decision making. However, your reader is not your saviour and they don’t know the full extent of your life. They know what spirit is showing them to provide you. That’s it!

Your choices are your own, the directions you take are your own. So, don’t ever feel obligated to take on every piece of information as gospel.

Your reader wouldn’t want that, and neither would spirit.

It’s guidance, not a contract.

Remember, take what resonates and leave out the rest.


If you can take notes on your reading, better yet record it, absolutely do so.

Some readers may suggest you do this ahead of time, some will leave it up to you, others ensure it’s so.

A reading is a point of reference and often there’s much more hidden meaning that isn’t understood while in the moment. Your reader will understand this, after their many years of experience. So, keep a record and refer back to it often.


I hope you find a reader that you connect with, understand, and continue to work with for many years to come.
May you find them easily, and may your experiences be empowering.

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