Five Best Crystals to bring in an Abundant 2022!

Five Best Crystals to bring in an Abundant 2022, with Psychic TV Australia.

Working with crystals is a great way to ensure that your energetic vibration is matched to that of the outcomes you desire to manifest around you. Work with our top-5 best crystals listed below to help bring in an abundant and wonderful 2022!

Our Five Best Crystals


A wonderful reflective stone that can aid in helping you to see what you’d like to leave behind in 2021. Helps you to discern between what is and isn’t good for you. Allowing you to see clearly your strengths and weaknesses.

This will aid you in making clearer choices moving into 2022.

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye will help you to manifest the courage, luck and prosperity needed to maintain drive and focus towards your manifestations.


Helps you to see the changes and opportunities as they arise for you. Ensuring you don’t  “miss out” on anything that may be showing up as a tool to help get you to your goals faster.

Moonstone allows you to embrace change & opportunities gracefully. Seeing them for what they are, without fear, worry or doubt.


A wonderful wealth & prosperity magnet. Using Citrine will ensure you’re manifesting your desires & bringing in abundance in the process.


The literal magnet in the mix. Hematite magnetically draws in energy of abundance. Showing you along the way that anything is possible!


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