First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, searching for the light

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, searching for the light.

The current moon phase and energies will have you all week longing for and searching for your light. You may be looking deeper into your projects and planning’s. Revaluating where your energy is focused, spent, and where you can find your glimmer of hope within it all.

There’s hopefulness to shine as our brightest and best selves during this phase. And with all of the planning and longing, comes the time to act, to move, to strike!

This phase is all about movement, doing and getting busy. You will be busy too! A period also where you’re meant to be busy, not lounging…although that need for self-care remains ever-present.

Focus now on the next big goal and give everything you have towards it. Action is your saviour right now, with the phase behind you too.

Scorpio and the First Quarter Moon

Scorpio doesn’t like to sit on their hands, so know that energy is present here too. Helping you to strategise and make calculated moves towards your goals. Strategy can shorten the time it takes you to get closer to your manifestations. So pay attention to yourself and your world around you this week, as it’s all stepping in to help you.

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