Fired-Up with the Feb Leo Full Moon

Fired-Up with the Feb Full Moon in Leo

Peak Full Moon dates: 16/17 February

With the full energetic effects lasting three days either side of when the moon phase will peak [see time below]

Peak [Eastern Australian Time]:

4:10am Thursday 17th February

Star Sign:





Third Eye


Passionate Spark

Full Moon in Leo

With energies at their peak during the Full Moon, lets take a look over what this Leo Moon may bring.
Leo offers some spice and flare to be brought into areas of love and romance. So, expect things to amp up over the next few days.
Where work is concerned, you may be more busy than usual. Yet, asking yourself how you can balance out work with fun will be beneficial in overcoming those long and complicated tasks. This is also a good time to complete any work related tasks. Coming into agreement/arrangement with business partners, if signed & sealed during this time will bring about lasting progress and fame. Meaning abundance in your future prospects.
If you’ve found yourself living too seriously, then you may have plans open up or invitations flow in that offer you a chance to let your hair down. Take advantage of this, have a little fun. It’s been a while.
It might be exhaustingly hot as this moon covers the last of the thickness of summer here in the southern hemisphere. So, take advantage of the heat and go out and enjoy yourself. Cooling off in the pristine waters will not only revitalise your spirit, it will help to cleanse and clear your mind for the coming days.

What’s The [real] Vibe?

Pay attention to your passions, as Leo is here to uplift them and place a spotlight there. Ensuring you’re leading with a little fun will be food for your soul.

Feb Full Moon in Leo Mantra

“I focus my energy on the things I am most passionate about.”

Tips for Full Moon in Leo:

  • Align with your passions
  • Finalise deals
  • Signing of contracts
  • Formal planning
  • Fun after hard work
  • Water cleansing

Crystals for connecting:

  • Moonstone
  • Amber
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Sunstone
  • Opal

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