Debrief Your Grief

Debrief Your Grief

Written by our Psychic Remo 9123

Grief is a part of all our lives at one time or another and it can vary in severity depending on the situation. The loss of a material item we like can make us a little upset and at the other end of the spectrum the passing of a loved one can be devastating. Nevertheless it all grief and like everything grief is energy and energy needs to flow.

When we grieve we are integrating new energy to adjust and adapt to our new reality because something has changed. Therefore keeping all of our emotions and thoughts to ourselves often restricts the flow of this energy. It is important to grieve, talk to someone, journal, laugh, cry, walk, run, seek professional help or any other form of release that allows this energy to flow and makes the integration process easier.

Grief also brings learning, which in turn brings growth and while it may feel traumatic at the time once you have navigated through the trauma a new found wisdom awaits on the other side. This then allows us to help and guide others for experience is truly a teacher.

I believe that no matter how hard things sometimes are there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Written by our Psychic Remo 9123

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