Check your Self Language: What do you think?

Check your Self-Language: What do you think?

There is so much power in our words, language, and thoughts. Outside of how we think others see us, it’s often how we see ourselves that holds the most impact. Your self-language is the internal dialogue that you use to describe yourself every day.

Have you taken a moment to tune-in with that language and are you ensuring that you’re using the best words/dialogue to describe yourself?

How does your self language reflect how you see yourself?

There are many different ways our internal dialogue can reflect how we then see ourselves. When thinking of yourself, take note of the thoughts that come to mind. Perhaps write them down, then you can better reflect over them and make sure they’re positive and caring words.

Doing so will not only help with your own personal self esteem, but it will shift your mindset to a more positive place.

Check your self language:

  • Would I say this aloud to another person?
  • Do I really believe I am these thoughts/words?
  • Am I speaking truthfully to myself?
  • Where may this thinking stem from?
  • How can I be more gentle with myself?

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