Changing Others: Message of the Day

Changing Others: Message of the Day

“You cannot force change. You cannot force people around you to change. They have to want to create change from within themselves. You, can only love them.” – Psychic Tv Australia

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It comes up very often in a spiritual practitioners line or work, where people become frustrated by another’s lack of change. Be it their lack of wanting to create positive change in their lives, or in taking expansive risks for themselves.

You cannot change or force change in others.

Change is a very personal experience & some here will spend their entire lives grappling with their ability or inability to create it.

Others will find no struggle at all and welcome change as a new positive potential experience.

However, you cannot create or force change on others. Be it regardless of how much you love them and wish to see them flourish.

All you can do is be their support. Stand by, love them. Allowing them the freedom to move in whatever directions their life takes them.

Sure, there going to be moments where watching life unfold may be difficult. It may take all you have to not interject. Perhaps you have tried to offer your best help & had that help fall upon deaf ears, as they say.

It is within these moments where the change in others becomes evident to their desires.

Advice is different to forcing change. Guidance and help, is also different to trying to force someone to change because it suits your intentions. Whether good or otherwise.

Be there for them, help them when they need. Love them.

Their lessons will come and their choices will reflect them. Some will accept the awareness and others may not.

Offer your love. Love them near or love them far. But love them.

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