2022 and The Lovers: See what it means for the New Year

2022 and The Lovers: See what it means for the New Year

2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

From a Numerological standpoint, 2022 connects us with the number and energy of 6. In Numerology, sixes are connected with the heart and our ability to love, nurture, and heal. It’s compassion and empathy and provides us with hope.

In the Tarot, the 6 is, not surprisingly, connected with The Lovers Card.


2021 saw us in alignment with 5, the Hierophant in the Tarot. The bringer of truths and realties. It’s perhaps no surprise then, as we reflect over the year that was, that many of us experienced new ways of thinking about society and “globalism” in new ways. Many found themselves questioning the reality they’d become accustomed to. The Hierophant asked us in 2021 to question and push against inaccuracies, in all areas of our lives.

2022 & The Lovers

2022 has the ability to be a truly prosperous and abundant year for all who embrace it. Change is still present, as the lovers reminds us of the need to adapt and not be too harshly bound to solely our wants & desires. Taking a broader approach, a more compassionate approach. Listening to the inner beating drum of our needs on an individual level, while appreciating the existence of live around us.

The Lovers seek to bring back the balance, and this balance may come about in very individual ways…but also collectively. This balance will open us up to greater healing, love and further the abundances in our lives.

Yes, all good things. However, with all the love comes to balance, and perhaps the need for it. Reminding us that 2022 will have its ebbs and flows like all other years. The difference though, will rest on your individual pathway and how you choose to align yourself positively and open to the receiving of it.

Find Your Personal 2022 Numerology & Tarot Number

Simply add the digits of your date of birth, REPLACING your year of birth with that of the current/upcoming year. In this case the year is 2022. Using the date of birth 7th of May 1985 see below for an example calculation [note, the year of birth is replaced with 2022]. Additionally, if the number is greater than 22, you simply add the number together again – and repeat, if needed – until you reach a number between 1 & 22.

Example: 0 + 7 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 36 / 3 + 6 = 9!

Let us know on our social media pages what your 2022 number is!

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